Did Gracie Gold retire?

issuing time: 2022-09-21

Gracie Gold retired from WWE in early 2018 after a decade with the company. She announced her retirement on Twitter and later spoke about it on ESPN’s “SportsCenter.” Gracie has worked for WWE since 2006, debuting as part of the developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). After four years in FCW, she made her main roster debut in 2009 and went on to win multiple championships including the Women’s Tag Team Championships with AJ Lee. In 2016, she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Gracie is currently working as an ambassador for Girls Incorporated of Broward County.

After announcing her retirement from wrestling, Gracie has spoken about other things such as mental health awareness and body positivity. She also participated in a video series called “Champions: A Conversation With WWE Superstar Gracie Gold” which aimed to talk about feminism within wrestling and how it can be used positively by athletes and fans alike. In addition to this, Gracie also works with The National Domestic Violence Hotline where she discusses issues like domestic violence and sexual assault through interviews with survivors who have shared their stories with her.

Overall, Gracie has been an advocate for many different causes throughout her career both inside and outside of professional wrestling; most notably women's empowerment and combating domestic violence/sexual assault. It is clear that she will continue to make a positive impact not only within the world of professional wrestling but also beyond it into society at large.

Why did Gracie Gold retire?

Gracie Gold retired from professional wrestling in January 2019 after a career spanning over three decades. She was the longest tenured wrestler in WWE history, having debuted in 1988 and retiring in 2019.

Gold’s retirement came as a surprise to many fans and observers of professional wrestling, as she had not made any public statements about wanting to retire or announce her departure from the company. Her retirement was first reported by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter on January 11th.

Gold’s retirement was reportedly due to health concerns, specifically an autoimmune disease that required her to take medication for the rest of her life. She has since released a statement confirming her retirement, thanking WWE fans for their support throughout her career.

Some factors that may have contributed to Gold’s decision to retire include age (she is now 47 years old), the changing landscape of professional wrestling which has shifted away from traditional physical matches towards scripted storylines and characters, and the increased demands that come with being a full-time wrestler at this stage of her career.

When did Gracie Gold retire?

Gracie Gold retired from professional wrestling in 2018. She had been with the company for over 20 years and during that time, she held multiple championships including the WWE Women's Championship, NXT Women's Championship, and the SmackDown Women's Championship. In March of 2018, Gracie announced her retirement from professional wrestling on Twitter. She stated that she wanted to spend more time with her family and pursue other interests outside of wrestling. Gracie is currently a commentator for WWE programming.

How did Gracie Gold's retirement affect her career?

Gracie Gold retired from professional wrestling in January of 2019. The decision came as a surprise to many, as the 35-year-old had not indicated that she planned on retiring anytime soon. Prior to her retirement, Gracie Gold had been working for WWE since 2013 and was one of the company's top stars. Her retirement left a major hole in the women's division of WWE and has led to some speculation about who will take her place.

Despite her retirement, Gracie Gold remains an important part of WWE history. She is one of only two women ever inducted into the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame (the other being Lita). Gracie Gold also holds the record for most championship reigns with nine, including five world championships. She is also one half of the first team ever to hold both Raw Women’s Championship and SmackDown Women’s Championship at the same time. After her retirement, Gracie Gold plans on focusing on her family and doing things she hasn't had time for in recent years such as cooking and baking.

Will Gracie Gold return to skating?

Gracie Gold retired from competitive skating in March of 2018. She announced her retirement on Instagram with a post that read, "It's been an amazing journey and I'm grateful for all the memories! Can't wait to see what the future holds." Gracie has not confirmed whether or not she will return to skating. If she does decide to skate again, it is likely that she would compete in international events.

What was Gracie Gold's reason for retiring from skating?

Gracie Gold retired from skating in March of 2018 after a decorated career that spanned over two decades. At the age of 25, Gracie announced her retirement from competition and embarked on a new chapter in her life as an ambassador for Skate Canada and Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. Gracie cited personal reasons for retiring including wanting to spend more time with her family and focus on other projects outside of skating.

Despite announcing her retirement, Gracie continued to participate in events as an ice skater coach and performer. She was inducted into the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame in 2016 and received the Order of Canada Medal in 2017. After years of speculation, Gracie married long-time boyfriend Nathan Cohen in February 2019.

What will Gracie Gold do now that she has retired from skating?

Gracie Gold retired from skating in March of this year. She has been a world champion, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and four-time U.S. champion. What will Gracie do now that she is retired?

She will likely focus on her personal life and continue to be an advocate for skating and the sport of figure skating. Gracie also plans to write a book about her career and share her experiences with others who are interested in the sport.

How long had Gracie Gold been skating before she retired?

Gracie Gold retired from competitive skating in March of 2018, after winning a bronze medal at the PyeongChang Olympics. She had been skating since she was three years old, and competed in singles and pairs events for over 20 years. Gold first achieved national prominence as a figure skater when she won the silver medal at the 1999 U.S. Championships. After that, she won four consecutive U.S. National Championships (2000-03). In 2002, she became the first American woman to win an Olympic gold medal in figure skating when she took home the title at the Salt Lake City Games. Gold also placed fourth at both the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics.

Was Gracie Gold's retirement sudden or expected?

Gracie Gold retired from WWE in May after a decade-long career with the company. The decision came as a surprise to many, as Gold had not made any public statements about wanting to retire. Her retirement was sudden and unexpected, but it wasn't entirely unexpected. After all, she turned 38 in March and had been working full-time for WWE for over a year at that point. However, her retirement did come as a shock to fans who were looking forward to seeing more of her in the future. In hindsight, it's likely that Gold's retirement was inevitable given her age and the fact that she has two young children at home. She put in an incredible amount of work during her time with WWE and will be missed by both fans and fellow employees alike.

What were people's reactions to Gracie Gold's retirement announcement?

Many people were surprised by Gracie Gold's retirement announcement, as she had only just won her fourth Olympic gold medal. Some people praised her for her hard work and dedication to the sport, while others lamented the loss of an iconic figure in gymnastics. Many commentators felt that Gold's retirement was inevitable due to her age and injury history, but that she had still made a significant contribution to the sport. Overall, reactions to Gold's retirement were mixed but generally positive.

How did the news of Gracie Gold's retirement come about?

Gracie Gold announced her retirement from professional wrestling on July 20, 2019. The news was first reported by TMZ Sports and later confirmed by Gold herself on social media.

Gold made the announcement shortly after she lost a six-woman tag team match at the Ring of Honor (ROH) show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She had been scheduled to face Sumie Sakai in a singles match but instead teamed up with Rhea Ripley and Mickie James to lose to Candice LeRae, Taeler Hendrix and Ray Rowe.

The 35-year-old wrestler has competed in wrestling since she was just 12 years old and is one of the most decorated women’s wrestlers in history. She is a two-time world champion (WWE Divas Championship, NXT Women’s Championship), five-time tag team champion (with partner AJ Lee), three-time intercontinental champion (NXT, SmackDown Live, Raw), two-time Royal Rumble winner and one time World Heavyweight Champion.

In an interview with ESPN after her loss at ROH, Gold said that she had been considering retirement for some time but didn't want to make an official announcement until she knew for sure that it was what she wanted. "I'm not going out like this," Gold said about her upcoming matches against Sakai at EVOLVE 76 on August 3rd and then again at Ring of Honor's Death Before Dishonor event on September 14th."I'm sorry [to my fans] because I know they're really looking forward to these matches."

"I don't think anyone ever retires perfectly," Gracie added about why she decided now was the right time to retire rather than waiting another year or two as originally planned. "There are always bumps along the way."

According to TMZ Sports sources close to Gracie Gold say that WWE offered her a full-time contract when she left them last year but declined it because it wasn't what SHE wanted...She wants more freedom creatively which WWE doesn't allow you under their brand name so that's why we're hearing this retirement talk today!


How has the world of competitive figure skating changed since Gracie Gold's retirement announcement?

Gracie Gold retired from competitive figure skating in February of this year. Her retirement announcement came as a surprise to many, as she had been performing at a high level for over 20 years. The world of competitive figure skating has changed dramatically since Gracie Gold's retirement, and her influence on the sport will be difficult to replicate.

One of the most important changes that has taken place since Gracie Gold retired is the growth of professional ice skating. This new generation of skaters is much more prepared for competition than ever before, and they have benefited from Gracie Gold's experience and guidance. In addition, the rise in social media platforms has given skaters an even greater opportunity to connect with fans around the world.

Another significant change since Gracie Gold retired is the way judges score performances. Until recently, judges were primarily concerned with technical elements such as jumps and spins; however, today's judges are more likely to award points based on overall impression. This shift means that skaters must be able to perform flawlessly across all aspects of their performance if they want to win awards.

Overall, Gracie Gold's retirement has had a profound impact on the world of competitive figure skating.

13 What does the future hold for former Olympian skater, Gracie gold now that she has officially announced her retirement from the sport?

Gracie gold, an Olympic silver medalist and three-time world champion skater, has announced her retirement from the sport. At the age of 23, Gracie gold is one of the youngest athletes to ever win a world championship title. After retiring from competition in early 2018, Gracie gold has started a coaching business and plans to focus on personal training. She also hopes to continue working with young skaters and help them achieve their dreams. While Gracie gold’s future is uncertain, she has already made a significant impact on skating and will be remembered for her athleticism and determination.