What happened in the Venom post credit scene?

issuing time: 2022-05-11

After the credits for Venom had finished rolling, a scene played in which Flash Thompson (Barry Allen) and Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) were seen talking. In the scene, it was revealed that Flash had forgiven Eddie for what he did to him years ago, and they hugged each other. This led many people to believe that the post credit scene meant that Venom would be getting a sequel. However, Sony Pictures Entertainment has yet to confirm this.

Who was revealed in the Venom post credit scene?

After the credits for Venom finished rolling, we saw a new character in the post credit scene. This character is Cletus Kasady, who played Carnage in the original Spider-Man movie trilogy. Carnage is one of Spider-Man's most iconic villains and he has appeared in several other Marvel movies and TV shows. Kasady will be appearing in his own movie later this year, so it's exciting to see him on screen again.

Why was Carnage not in the Venom post credit scene?

In the Venom post credit scene, Carnage is shown on a monitor in a lab. However, he is not seen or heard speaking. This has led some to believe that he was cut from the final version of the film. Some have speculated that this may be because Sony Pictures wanted to avoid any potential spoilers for their upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home movie. Others have suggested that Carnage's appearance in the post credit scene could hint at his role in Avengers 4. Whatever the reason, it's still unclear why he wasn't included in the final cut of Venom.

How did Brock get away from the symbiote at the end of the movie?

Venom Post Credit Scene: Brock gets away from the symbiote at the end of the movie by using a fire extinguisher to spray it. The symbiote jumps onto Brock and he uses the extinguisher to hit it in the face, causing it to release him.

What is going to happen in future movies now that we know who Eddie Brock's true nemesis is?

After the credits of Venom, we now know that Eddie Brock's true nemesis is the symbiote itself. This means that future movies in the franchise will be focused on this rivalry between the two characters.

Does this mean that we will see more of Carnage in future films?

After the credits for Venom, many people were wondering if there would be a sequel. The answer is yes, according to Sony Pictures Entertainment Chairman Tom Rothman. Carnage will appear in future Venom films. This means that we will see more of the villainous character. Rothman said this during an interview with IGN: "There’s definitely a possibility of seeing Carnage again."

This news comes as a surprise to many people because it was not mentioned in the movie's ending. However, it makes sense because Carnage is such an important part of the Marvel Universe and his presence adds another level of excitement to any potential sequels.

Venom is already one of the most popular movies in Sony Pictures' history and adding another villain like Carnage only makes it even more exciting for fans who are looking forward to watching more films about this dangerous character.

Was there anything else revealed in the Venom post credit scene?

After the credits for Venom had finished rolling, some eagle-eyed viewers noticed that one of the people in the scene was none other than Tom Hardy's character, Eddie Brock. Hardy has previously teased that his character will have a post credit scene and many fans were eager to see what would happen.

Although no further details about the scene were revealed, it is possible that Hardy's appearance could hint at a future appearance of Venom on the big screen.

How did fans react to what happened in the Venom post credit scene?

After the credits for Venom had finished rolling, many fans were left wondering what happened in the post credit scene. Some speculated that Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) may have survived and was waiting to ambush his former friend, Peter Parker (Tom Holland), while others believed that the character of Carnage (Aubrey Plaza) could be set to appear in future films. However, most people seemed to agree that whatever happened in the scene was unexpected and left them excited for what comes next.

Will there be any more post credit scenes in future Marvel films?

After the emotionally charged and suspenseful Venom post credit scene, many Marvel fans are wondering if there will be any more post credit scenes in future films. While it's unclear at this point, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has hinted that there may be some potential for more after the release of Avengers: Endgame.

"I can't say definitively," he said when asked about whether or not we'll see more post-credit scenes from Marvel movies. "But I think people who love those kinds of things will be happy."

While it's too early to tell for sure, Feige's words give hope to fans that there could potentially be even more fun surprises in store for them as they wait for Phase 4 of the MCU to kick off.

What other movies have had similar post credit scenes?

After the credits for Venom have finished rolling, a short scene shows Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) in a car. They are discussing how to use the symbiote's powers for their own benefit. Brock says that he wants to be like Spider-Man and use his powers for good, but Drake tells him that he can't do that because people will think he is a superhero. He then suggests using the symbiote to make money. Brock seems hesitant at first, but eventually agrees.

This scene is similar to the post credit scene from Deadpool 2 where Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) and Vanessa Carlysle (Morena Baccarin) are talking about how they can use the blood of mutant Cable (Josh Brolin) to create an army of super mutants. Both scenes show characters using the post credit scene as an opportunity to further their own agenda without regard for other people or consequences.