What prompted John Cena's retirement from WWE?

issuing time: 2022-09-22

John Cena retired from WWE on April 14, 2018. Cena had been dealing with a nagging shoulder injury for some time and decided it was time to retire. Cena said in a statement, "After 19 years of being the world's most popular professional wrestler, I have decided that it is now time to call an end to my career."

Cena started his wrestling career in 1999 and quickly became one of the biggest stars in the industry. He won multiple championships throughout his career and is considered one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. However, Cena's retirement comes as somewhat of a surprise given that he has not announced his retirement nor hinted at it publicly. It is possible that he will return to WWE later in life but for now, he has called it quits.

When did John Cena retire from WWE?

John Cena retired from WWE on April 14, 2017. He had been with the company since 2004 and during that time he won 16 championships, including five world titles. Cena is also a seven-time Royal Rumble winner and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016.

How did the WWE Universe react to John Cena's retirement?

WWE Universe reacted to John Cena's retirement announcement with sadness and disbelief. Many believed that the iconic wrestler would never retire, but his departure from the company after 16 years is still a shock to many. Some of Cena's most memorable moments in WWE came when he was part of the "Cena-mania" era, so his departure leaves a big hole in the company. His rivalry with Roman Reigns will be one of the most anticipated storylines in WWE now that he is no longer around.

Why did John Cena retire from WWE?

John Cena retired from WWE in 2017 after a decade-long career with the company. Cena had previously hinted at retirement in 2016, but he later clarified that he was only taking a break and would return to WWE soon. Cena’s final match took place at WrestleMania 33, where he lost to The Undertaker. After his loss, Cena made several appearances on WWE programming before announcing his retirement in April of 20

  1. Reasons for John Cena's Retirement:
  2. Cena had already hinted at retirement in 2016 and wanted to spend more time with his family;
  3. His contract with WWE ended in 2020 and he wanted to retire while still being able to work;
  4. He no longer felt the same passion for wrestling as when he started out;
  5. The matches themselves were becoming less physical and intense;
  6. Social media has changed the way fans consume wrestling content, making it harder for stars like John Cena to maintain their relevance.

What does John Cena plan to do now that he has retired from WWE?

John Cena has retired from WWE after a 20 year career. Cena said he wanted to spend more time with his family and pursue other interests outside of wrestling. Cena plans on continuing to work in the entertainment industry, but he is not sure if he will return to WWE or another promotion. He also wants to start a foundation that helps underprivileged children. John Cena is one of the most popular wrestlers in history and his retirement will be sad news for fans.

How will John Cena's retirement affect the WWE landscape?

John Cena's retirement from the WWE will have a significant impact on the landscape of the company. Cena has been one of the most popular and iconic wrestlers in history, and his departure leaves a huge hole at the top of the card. Vince McMahon may be forced to find a new top star to carry WWE into the future, and there are many potential candidates who could step up to fill that role. Cena's retirement also gives other wrestlers more opportunities to shine, as they now have an opportunity to show off their skills in front of a larger audience without having to worry about being overshadowed by Cena. Overall, John Cena's retirement is sure to have a major impact on WWE's future.

Who will take over as the face of the WWE now that John Cena has retired?

John Cena has announced that he is retiring from the WWE. Who will take over as the face of the WWE now that John Cena has retired? There are a number of candidates who could potentially take on this role, but some of the most likely contenders include Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, and AJ Styles. It's unclear exactly when or how Cena plans to retire, but it's safe to say that his departure will leave a big hole in the WWE roster. We'll have to wait and see who steps up to fill that space.

Will we ever see John Cena back in a WWE ring again?

John Cena has retired from the WWE. Cena announced his retirement on Raw on April 3, 2019. This comes after a decade-long career in which he won 17 world championships and became one of the most popular wrestlers in history.

Cena’s retirement means that we may never see him back in a WWE ring again. However, there is always the possibility that he could return at some point in the future. In fact, Cena has already hinted at a possible comeback by posting a video of himself training for an MMA fight. If Cena does come back to wrestling, it will be very exciting to see him perform again.

How do you think history will remember John Cena's time in the WWE?

John Cena retired from the WWE in 2018 after a decade-long career. He is considered one of the most popular and successful wrestlers in history, having held multiple championships and won numerous accolades. His time in the WWE will be remembered for his charismatic performances, his rivalry with Stone Cold Steve Austin, and his work as a promoter and ambassador for the company. Cena's legacy will be long-lasting, and he will be remembered as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.

Thank you,John Cena - what next for the 16-time world champion after retiring from WWE ?

Retirement is a big deal. It’s the end of an era, and it can be hard to let go. John Cena had a great career in WWE, and he’s done a lot for the company over the years. But now it’s time for him to move on. Here are some things we can expect from him next.

  1. He may continue to work as a wrestler on independent circuits. Cena has always been one of the best performers in the world, and there’s no doubt that he still has plenty of talent left in him. He could easily headline shows all over the world, and bring in huge crowds every time he steps into the ring.
  2. He could also start working on new projects outside of WWE. Cena is one of the most popular stars in Hollywood, and there’s no reason why he couldn’t start appearing in movies or TV shows again soon. There are already talks underway about him starring in a movie about WrestleMania 33, so this possibility isn’t off the table at all.
  3. He might eventually return to WWE as part of their creative team once again. Cena has always been one of WWE's most influential figures behind-the-scenes, and his input would be invaluable when it comes to making decisions about storylines and matches.

Top 10 Career Moments ofJohn CenaretiringfromWWE?

  1. John Cena announced his retirement from WWE on May 3, 20
  2. Cena made his debut for World Championship Wrestling in 1997 and became a mainstay of the company.
  3. He won the WWE Championship seven times, including a record-breaking seventh reign which lasted 1,536 days.
  4. Cena also held the United States Championship three times and the World Tag Team Championship twice with partner Edge.
  5. Cena has appeared in several feature films and television shows over the years, most notably “The Marine” and “Step Brothers”.
  6. In 2016, he starred alongside Dwayne Johnson in “Baywatch” and reprised his role as The Undertaker in “WWE 2K18” later that year.
  7. Cena is an ambassador for numerous charities and has performed at various events to raise money for them, including WrestleMania 33 (where he teamed up with Roman Reigns to defeat Braun Strowman & Kane).
  8. John Cena will return to WWE live events beginning July 8th in Orlando, Florida before embarking on a worldwide tour throughout 2019 dubbed "Cena Tour".

Is it reallytheendofaneraorcanweexpectto seethe returnofjohncena ?!13?

John Cena retired from the WWE in 2017 after a successful career that spanned over two decades. While many people believe that Cena's time with the company is truly coming to an end, there is always a chance that he could return at some point in the future. However, it seems like his retirement was definitely the right decision for him and his fans. Here are five reasons why John Cena's retirement from the WWE was really the end of an era:

Throughout his entire career, John Cena has been one of the most consistent performers in wrestling history. He has consistently put on amazing shows and delivered exciting matches night after night. His ability to connect with his fans on a personal level was also undeniable – no other wrestler has ever been able to command such respect from their audience. As a result, it was inevitable that Cena's popularity would start to decline as he got older and moved into more senior roles within WWE. His final years with the company were definitely marked by declining ratings and fewer fan interactions than ever before. In short, John Cena's retirement from WWE was definitely the end of an era – he had reached his physical and emotional limits as a professional wrestler.

While it is true that John Cena's retirement from WWE wasn't exactly planned or unexpected, it just didn't feel right for him to keep going at this stage in his career. For one thing, age (and injuries) were starting to take their toll on him physically – even though he still looked strong on screen, audiences weren't buying what they were seeing any more. Additionally, there were rumours circulating throughout 2016/2017 about Vince McMahon potentially pushing younger stars such as Dolph Ziggler ahead of John Cena within WWE storylines – this certainly didn't help matters either! Ultimately, retiring from wrestling at such a young age just made sense for both John Cena and Vince McMahon – both parties walked away from this situation feeling satisfied overall..

During John Cena's time away from WWE programming, other wrestlers (such as Randy Orton) stepped up and took over main event status within the company storyline . This allowed new viewers who may have been unfamiliar with past storylines involving John Cena to get caught up relatively quickly without having too much confusion or chaos along the way.. Furthermore , it gave newer talent (such as Seth Rollins ) opportunities to showcase their skills in front of larger audiences without feeling pressure or being overshadowed by someone who is already well-known within wrestling circles..

  1. Cena had reached his peak as a performer.
  2. The timing wasn't right for him to continue performing.
  3. It allowed other wrestlers (such as Randy Orton) to step up and take over main event status during his absence..