When did George St Pierre retire?

issuing time: 2022-05-11

George St Pierre retired from professional mixed martial arts competition on September 5, 2013. He had announced his retirement in a post on his official website on August 30, 2013. St Pierre was the UFC Welterweight Champion at the time of his retirement and is widely considered one of the greatest fighters in MMA history.

Why did George St Pierre retire?

George St Pierre retired from professional mixed martial arts competition on September 3, 2013. The decision was made after a long and successful career in which he won world championships in two weight classes (middleweight and welterweight) and became one of the most popular fighters in the sport.

St Pierre's retirement came as a surprise to many fans, who were eager to see him compete at the highest level for years to come. In an interview with ESPN, St Pierre cited personal reasons for his decision: "I'm happy with my life now," he said. "I have a great family, I have a great home life... it just feels like it's time."

While some MMA pundits speculated that age or injury may have played a role in St Pierre's retirement, he himself offered no clear explanation. Whatever the reason, it is sure that his fans will miss his skills on the mat.

How did fans react to George St Pierre's retirement?

Fans of mixed martial artist George St Pierre reacted to his retirement announcement with a mix of sadness and celebration. Some were disappointed that the longtime UFC champion would no longer compete, while others hailed him as a true pioneer in the sport.

The Canadian fighter announced his decision to retire from MMA competition on social media on March 6th, 2019. At the age of 38, St Pierre is one of the oldest fighters ever to win a UFC championship title.

Many fans took to social media to share their thoughts on his retirement. Many expressed sadness at his departure but also thanked him for all he had done for mixed martial arts over the years. Others shared GIFs or videos of themselves cheering along with St Pierre’s fights or simply expressing their admiration for him as an athlete. In total, reactions to St Pierre’s retirement ranged from heartfelt expressions of gratitude to humorous memes about how long he will continue to dominate MMA competition.

How did George St Pierre's colleagues react to his retirement?

When George St Pierre announced his retirement from mixed martial arts, many of his colleagues reacted with surprise and sadness. Some praised him for his contributions to the sport, while others lamented the loss of a talented fighter and ambassador for MMA. Regardless of how they felt about his decision, most everyone agreed that it was time for George to retire.

Some of George's former opponents were among the first to voice their support. UFC president Dana White said that he was "devastated" by the news and wished George all the best in his future endeavors. Former welterweight champion Johny Hendricks also sent out a statement expressing his sadness at losing one of MMA's greatest fighters. Other athletes who have competed against or worked with George took more subtle approaches, but made it clear that they respected him as both a fighter and person.

George's colleagues on the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) roster were largely supportive of his decision to retire, though there were some exceptions. Heavyweight contender Cain Velasquez was one such opponent who took issue with what he saw as an unfair advantage that Georges had over other fighters due to his long tenure in MMA. In spite of this tension, Cain offered kind words about Georges during an interview shortly after he announced his retirement.

Overall, most people who knew or worked with George St Pierre respected him for putting together a successful career in mixed martial arts despite facing constant adversity throughout it.

What was the reason given for George St Pierre's retirement?

George St Pierre retired from the UFC in 2013 after a decade-long career. He cited an inability to compete at the same level as when he was younger as his reason for retiring. St Pierre had previously announced that he would retire if he lost a third consecutive title fight, but ultimately decided against it when he was successful in defending his welterweight championship against Johny Hendricks.

Is there any chance of George St Pierre returning from retirement?

There is no telling what the future holds for George St Pierre, but it's safe to say that he is retired. The UFC Hall of Famer announced his retirement in February after a 19-year career in mixed martial arts. At 41 years old, St Pierre has plenty of time to enjoy his family and life outside of fighting. However, there is always a chance that he may decide to come back later on in life. Although it's unlikely, anything can happen in the world of MMA.

How has retirement been treating George St Pierre so far?

Retirement has been treating George St Pierre well so far. The retired UFC champion is enjoying spending time with his family and friends, as well as traveling. He's also been able to stay active by playing golf and tennis.

What does the future hold forGeorge St Pierre now that he is retired?

Retirement is a time for many to reflect on their life and what lies ahead. For UFC Hall of Famer George St Pierre, this has included plenty of time spent with his family and friends. However, the future does not necessarily hold anything restful for the Montreal-born fighter. In fact, he has already started working on his next project: a documentary about mixed martial arts in Canada. And while he is unsure about what comes next, he knows that he wants to continue helping young athletes achieve their dreams. “I’m really happy I was able to do something good for my country and help young people achieve their goals,” said St Pierre in an interview with The Globe and Mail. “It feels like it’s unfinished business but at least I can leave knowing that I tried my best."

In retirement, St Pierre will continue to support MMA as both an athlete and promoter; work on his documentary; mentor young athletes; and serve as a spokesperson for mental health awareness initiatives. He also plans to travel extensively – something that he loves doing – as well as write books about his experiences in the sport of MMA and beyond.

What are people saying about George StPierre's decision to retire?

Retirement is a time for many people to relax and enjoy their lives. For mixed martial artist George StPierre, this may not be the case. Since announcing his retirement from professional MMA in February, there has been much speculation about what motivated the former UFC welterweight champion's decision. Some say that he is too old and injury-prone to continue competing at the highest level, while others speculate that he may have been pressured into making the announcement prematurely by UFC president Dana White. Whatever the reason, it seems clear that StPierre's retirement will leave a big hole in the MMA world.

The reaction to St Pierre's retirement has been mixed. Many fans are sad to see him go, feeling like he was one of the best fighters ever and that his loss will hurt MMA as a whole. Others are happy to see him retire on his own terms after years of struggling with injuries. Regardless of how people feel about his decision, it's clear that George St Pierre is an important figure in MMA history and his departure will be felt throughout the sport.

How has this news affectedGeorgeStPierre's career thusfar ?

George St Pierre has retired from professional MMA competition. This news has affected his career thusfar in a number of ways. First and foremost, it's given him the opportunity to spend more time with his family. Secondly, it's allowed him to focus on other projects outside of MMA, such as acting and writing. Finally, it's likely that this decision will help him secure a lucrative contract with another organization once he decides to retire from fighting altogether.

.What will happen to Georgest pierre nowthat he is retired ?

Georges Pierre is retired. What will happen to him now that he is retired?

Some people believe that Georges Pierre will spend more time with his family and friends, while others think he will continue working on humanitarian projects. Whatever he does, it's clear that Georges Pierre has made a significant impact on the world and we all owe him a debt of gratitude.

.How did Georgestpierre feel when he announcedhisretirement ?

Georges-Pierre is retiring from his role as president of France. He made the announcement in a televised speech on April 20, 2017. At the time of his retirement, he was France's longest-serving president, having been in office since 2007.

In his speech, Georges-Pierre said that he wanted to spend more time with his family and pursue other interests. He also thanked the French people for their support during his presidency.

Many people felt sadness when Georges-Pierre announced his retirement. Some praised him for setting an example for younger leaders by retiring at a young age while others said that he should have continued to serve until 2022, when his term would have ended. Regardless of people's feelings about Georges-Pierre's decision to retire, it is clear that he has played an important role in French history and will be missed by many people.